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Filing TDS return is mandatory for individuals or entities who have deducted TDS from payments made to others. 

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    TDS Return Filing - An Overview

    Tax deducted at source or TDS is the tax that is collected by the Government of India at the time when a transaction takes place. Here, in this case, the tax is to be deducted at the time the money is credited to the payee’s account or at the time of payment whichever happens earlier.

    In this case of salary payment or the life insurance policy, the tax is deducted at the time when the payment is done. The deductor is required to deposit this amount with the Income Tax Department. Through TDS a portion of the tax is paid directly to the Income Tax Department. The Tax is deducted usually over a range of 10%.

    What is TAN?

    TAN or the Tax Deduction and Collection Number is a mandatory 10 digit alpha number that is to be obtained by all the people who are responsible for deducting tax at source or tax collection at source on behalf of the government. Salaried individuals are not required to obtain TAN or to deduct the tax at the source.

    In the case of the proprietorships businesses and other entities are required to deduct tax at the source while making certain payments like the salary, payments to the contractor, payment of rent that is exceeding Rs.2,40,000 per year. Easebis can help in obtaining the TAN registrations.

    The entities that have a valid TAN registration have to file the TDS returns quarterly. Our TDS experts can help in computing the TDS payments and file the TDS returns while complying with the TDS regulations.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Who can file TDS returns?

    TDS return filing is done by organizations or employers who have availed a valid tax collection and deduction number (TAN). Any person who is making specified payments mentioned under the Income Tax Act is required to deduct the taxes at the sources and they are needed to deposit the tax within the stipulated time for making the following payments.

    • Salary Payment
    • Income on securities
    • Income by winning the lotteries, puzzles, and others.
    • Income from winning horseraces
    • Insurance commissions.
    • Payment concerning the National saving scheme and many others.

    Due Date for TDS Return filing

    What are the due dates for TDS return filing?

    The due date for the payment of the TDS deducted is the seventh of the next month.

    QuarterPeriodLast Date of Filing
    1st Quarter1st April to 30th June31st July 2023
    2nd Quarter1st July to 30th September31st October 2023
    3rd Quarter1st October to 31st December31st Jan 2024
    4th Quarter1st January to 31st March31st May 2024

    Note: As per Circular 22/2023, the date of furnishing the TDS Statement in Form 26Q for the quarter ended 30th Sept 2023 has been extended to 30th Nov 2023.

    TDS Return Form

    What are the different types of TDS Forms?

    • TDS forms are depending on the income of the deductee or the type of deductees paying taxes. The TDS forms are mentioned below:

      Form 24QQuarterlyThe quarterly statement for TDS from “Salaries”
      Form 26QQuarterlyQuarterly statement of TDS in respect of all payments other than “Salaries”
      Form 27QQuarterlyQuarterly statement of TDS from interest, dividend, or any other sum payments to non-residents
      Form 27EQQuarterlyQuarterly statement of collection of tax at source

    What is a TDS Certificate?

    After the TDS is deducted by the deductor it is necessary to furnish the TDS Certificate. The deductee can cross-check the tax credit by viewing a valid TDS certificate from TRACES that bears a 7 digit unique certificate number and a TRACES watermark.

    The TDS certificates are to be preserved by the deductee. TDS certificates on payments other than salaries are issued every quarter and the TDS certificate for the salary is provided on annual basis.

    In case the deductee loses possession of the certificate he can request to get a duplicate TDS Certificate.

    Penalty for failure in filing the TDS returns

    If the assessee is failing to file the TDS returns before the due date then there is a penalty of Rs.200 under Section 234 E per day by the assessee until the time the default is continuing.

    Non Filing the TDS returns

    If the assessee has not filed the return within a year from the date of filing then the returns or if the person has furnished incorrect information then he or she will also be liable for a penalty. The penalty levied is not less than 10,000 and more than Rs. 1,00,000.

    Revised TDS Returns

    Once the TDS returns are submitted and errors are detected like incorrect challan details or the PAN is not provided or incorrect PAN is provided then the tax amount credit with the government will not be reflected in the Form 16A / Form 26AS. To make sure that the amount is properly credit and reflected in Form 16/ Form 16A / Form 26 AS a revised TDS return has to be filed.

    Prerequisites for submission of Revised TDS returns

    The revised TDS returns can be filed only when the original TDS return is accepted by the TIN central system. The assessee can check the status of the TIN Central System. The assessee can check the status of the TDS returns that are filed online by providing the required details such as the PAN and the Provisional Receipt Number/ Token number on NSDL.

    The revised TDS returns have to be prepared by using the most recent consolidated TDS statement. The certificate can be downloaded from the TRACES website.

    Claiming TDS return

    TDS Credit can be claimed by the deductor to claim the credit of the TDS the deductee must mention the details of the TDS in his returns of income. The deductee is required to take due care to quote the correct TDS certificate number and the TDS details while filing the returns of income.

    In case of incorrect details that are provided by the deductee, there will be a discrepancy with the tax credit of processing the TDS returns.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is the difference between TDS deduction and TDS return filing?

    1. TDS deduction refers to the process of deducting tax from specified payments, while TDS return filing involves reporting the details of the deducted tax and other relevant information to the income tax department.


    What are the due dates for filing TDS returns?

    1. The due dates for filing TDS returns vary depending on the type of deductor and the quarter in which the deductions were made. Generally, the due dates are July 31st for the first quarter, October 31st for the second quarter, January 31st for the third quarter, and May 31st for the fourth quarter.


    What happens if I miss the due date for filing TDS returns?

    If you miss the due date for filing TDS returns, you may be liable to pay a late filing fee. The fee is usually calculated based on the number of days of delay. It’s important to file the returns within the prescribed due dates to avoid penalties

    Why is it important to read the instructions carefully before filing TDS returns?

    Reading the instructions carefully ensures that you provide accurate and complete information while filing TDS returns. It helps you understand the specific requirements, forms, annexures, and any changes in the rules or formats. Compliance with instructions minimizes errors and reduces the chances of receiving notices or penalties from the income tax department.

    Can I file TDS returns manually, or is it mandatory to file them electronically?

    As per the income tax rules, it is mandatory for certain categories of deductors to file TDS returns electronically. Manual filing is generally not allowed. However, there may be exemptions for specific cases, so it’s advisable to consult the latest guidelines or seek professional advice

    What are the consequences of filing incorrect TDS returns?

    Filing incorrect TDS returns can lead to penalties and legal consequences. It’s important to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, as any discrepancies or errors can attract penalties or scrutiny from the income tax department.

    Are there any specific documents or records that I need to maintain for TDS return filing?

    Yes, it is essential to maintain certain documents and records related to TDS deductions. These include TDS certificates issued to deductees, proof of tax deposited, challans, and other relevant documents. These records serve as evidence and may be required during the TDS return filing process or during income tax assessments.

    Can I revise TDS returns if I identify any errors or omissions?

    Yes, the income tax laws allow for the revision of TDS returns if any errors or omissions are identified. However, there are specific procedures and timelines for filing revised returns. It is advisable to rectify any errors promptly to avoid complications and penalties.

    Is it possible to claim a refund for excess TDS deducted?

    Yes, if excess TDS has been deducted, you can claim a refund while filing your income tax return. The refund can be claimed by providing the necessary details of TDS deductions in the income tax return form. The income tax department will verify the claim and process the refund accordingly.

    Are there any penalties for non-compliance with TDS return filing requirements?

    Yes, there are penalties for non-compliance with TDS return filing requirements. Late filing or non-filing of TDS returns can attract penalties ranging from a fixed amount to a certain percentage of the tax deducted. It’s important to adhere to the due dates and comply with the TDS provisions to avoid penalties and legal consequences.

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