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    GST Return Filing With Easebis

    It is mandatory for every taxpayer registered under GST to file GST returns. It can be done in 3 simple steps with Easebis.

    Due Date Intimation

    We let you know when the GST Return are due
    Step 1

    Document Collection

    We collect the necessary information and documents for Filing GST Returns
    Step 1

    Return Filing

    Our professionals will file your GST returns on time
    Step 1

    Due Date Intimation

    We let you know when the GST Returns are due
    Step 1

    Document Collection

    We collect the necessary information and documents for Filing GST Returns
    Step 1

    Return Filing

    Our professionals will file your GST returns on time
    Step 1

    GST Return Filing - An Overview

    The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. Every taxpayer registered under GST has to file GST returns. These returns are used to calculate the tax liability by the government. GST is an evolving system of taxation and the government keeps updating the rules and regulations around it. So, it is important to stay up-to-date to be able to file your returns correctly. Our GST return filing service helps taxpayers to get it done easily. Our professionals will take care of the filings so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the due dates and staying GST compliant.


    GST Returns - Types and Due Dates

    GST ReturnsPurpose
    GSTR1Tax returns for outward supplies are made using this form.
    It contains the details of the interstate as well as intrastate B2B and B2C sales including purchases under reverse charge and inter-state stock transfers made during the tax period. If Form GSTR-1 is filed late, the late fee will be collected in the next open return in Form GSTR-3B. From 1 January 2022, taxpayers will not be permitted to file Form GSTR-1 if they have not filed Form GSTR-3B in the preceding month.
    GSTR1AIt is an amendment form used to correct the GSTR-1 document including any mismatches between the GSTR-1 of a taxpayer and the GSTR-2 of their customers. This can be filed between 15 and 17 of the following month.
    GSTR2Monthly GST return for the received inward supplies are filed using this form. It contains taxpayer info, period of return and final invoice-level purchase information related to the tax period listed separately for goods and services.
    GSTR2AAn auto-generated tax return for purchases and inward supplies made by a taxpayer is automatically compiled by the GSTN based on the information present within the GSTR-1 of their suppliers.
    GSTR2BGSTR-2B is an auto-generated document that acts as an Input Tax Credit (ITC) statement for taxpayers. The GST Council states that GSTR-2B will help in cutting down the time taken to file returns, minimise errors, ease reconciliation and simplify compliance.
    GSTR3It is used to file consolidated monthly tax returns. It contains The taxpayer’s basic information (name, GSTIN, etc), period to which the return pertains, turnover details, final aggregate-level inward and outward supply details, tax liability under CGST, SGST, IGST, and additional tax (+1% tax), details about your ITC, cash, and liability ledgers, details of other payments such as interests, penalties, and fees.
    GSTR3AIt is a tax notice issued by the tax authority to a defaulter who has failed to file monthly GST returns on time.
    GSTR3BTemporary consolidated summary GST returns of inward and outward supplies that the Government of India has introduced as relaxation for businesses that have recently registered to GST.
    GSTR4It is the quarterly GST returns filed by compounding vendors. This contains the total value of supply made during the period covered by the return, along with the details of the tax paid at the compounding rate (not more than 1% of aggregate turnover) for the period along with invoice details for inward supplies if they are either imports or purchased from normal taxpayers.
    GSTR4AIt is the Quarterly purchase-related tax return filed by composition dealers. It’s automatically generated by the GSTN portal based on the information furnished in the GSTR-1, GSTR-5, and GSTR-7 of your suppliers.
    GSTR5Variable return for Non-resident foreign taxpayers (It contains the details of the taxpayer, period of return and invoice details of all goods and services sold and purchased. It also includes imports by the taxpayer on Indian soil for the registered period/month.
    GSTR6This is the monthly GST return for ISDs. It contains the details of the taxpayer’s basic information (name, GSTIN, etc), period to which the return pertains, invoice-level supply details from the GSTR-1 of counter-parties, invoice details, including the GSTIN of the taxpayer receiving the credit, separate ISD ledger containing the opening ITC balance for the period, credit for ITC services received, debit for ITC reversed or distributed, and closing balance
    GSTR7It is filed as a monthly return for TDS transactions. It contains the taxpayer’s basic information (name, GSTIN, etc), period to which the return pertains, supplier’s GSTIN, invoices against which the tax has been deducted. It is categorised under the major tax heads – SGST, CGST, and IGST. Details of any other payments such as interests and penalties are also included in the form.
    GSTR8It is the monthly return for e-commerce operators.
    It contains the taxpayer’s basic information (name, GSTIN, etc), the period to which the return pertains, details of supplies made to customers through the e-commerce portal by both registered taxable persons and unregistered persons, customers’ basic information (whether or not they are registered taxpayers), the amount of tax collected at source, tax payable, and tax paid).
    GSTR9This is an annual consolidated tax return
    It contains the taxpayer’s income and expenditure in detail. These are then regrouped according to the monthly GST returns filed by the taxpayer.
    GSTR9AIt is an annual composition return form that has to be filed by every taxpayer who is enrolled in the composition scheme
    GSTR9BIt is an annual return form that has to be filed by e-commerce operators who collect tax at the source
    GSTR9CThis Audit form has to be filed by every taxpayer who is liable to get their annual reports audited when their aggregate turnover exceeds ₹2 crores in a financial year.
    GSTR10Filing GST returns before cancelling GST registration
    This final GST returns is to be filed when terminating business activities permanently/cancelling GST registration. It will contain the details of all supplies, liabilities, tax collected, tax payable.
    GSTR11Variable tax return for taxpayers with UIN
    It contains the details of purchases made by foreign embassies and diplomatic missions for self-consumption during a particular month.

    What We Offer in GST Registration

    GST Consultation

    Monthly GST Filing

    GST Updates & Advise

    GST Audit Support

    Benefits of GST Return Filing

    GST Eliminates Cascading Effect

    Earlier there were many instances where tax on tax was paid for a single transaction. As GST did away with several other taxes like central excise duty, service tax, customs duty, and state-level value-added tax, you no longer are subjected to paying tax on tax. This saves you money.

    Higher Threshold

    The threshold for GST is aggregate turnover exceeding 40 lakhs for sale of goods and aggregate turnover exceeding 20 lakhs for sale of services. This means small businesses falling below this threshold limit are not subject to GST Filing.

    Easier for Startups and E-commerce Businesses

    The GST system has made it easier for startups and e-commerce companies to manage their taxes. E-commerce particularly suffered from different tax laws across different states which are now eradicated by GST.

    More Organized System

    Before the GST tax return filing system was disorganized. Now, all taxes are paid online and major hassles that were a part of tax filing have been eliminated in the process of introducing GST.

    Who can file GST return?

    • Usually, all Indian-registered taxpayers must apply for GST returns. However, there are some exceptions. Take a look below.

      • Casual taxable citizens or non-resident taxable people such as exhibitors.
      • Input service distributors.
      • The person accountable for tax deduction at source aka TDS.

    GST Return Filing in Delhi

    • When you wish to File GST Return in Delhi, it is best to involve an expert GST Return Company in Delhi to make the process smooth & convenient. GST service providers offer you these services.

      • Assistance with filing all GST return categories. (GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-2, GSTR-3, GSTR-3B, CMP-o8 aka GSTR-4, GSTR-5, GSTR-6, GSTR-7, GSTR-8, GSTR-9, GSTR-9A, GSTR-9C, and GSTR-11)
      • There are various types of plans, from which you will get the one which is suitable for your business.
      • You get online or offline service according to your accessibility.
      • You get expert service at affordable prices.

    How we Works?

    Fill Simple Excel for sale & purchases

    Send us these details over mail.

    Prepare GST Return

    We prepare detailed GST return considering GST Credit, Online Credit ledgers, RCM, Reconciliation check GST numbers. We send you working and challan due.

    File GST Return

    Once you make GST payment with use of net banking or challan. Our expert will file return with OTP or DSC. After filing we share with you return copy and final working.

    Due dates for filing the GST returns

    There are specific due dates for each type of GST return, and you must file your GST returns on or before these dates.

    GSTR-1: The 11th of immediately after the month of the statement.

    GSTR-3B: The 20th of the subsequent month of the statement.

    GSTR-4: 18th of the month after the quarter of a financial year.

    GSTR-5: 20th of the subsequent month.

    GSTR-6: 13th of the subsequent month.

    GSTR-7: 10th of the subsequent month.  

    GSTR-8: 10th of the subsequent month.

    GSTR-9: 31st December.

    GSTR-10: Within three months of cancelation or cancelation order’s date, the one coming recently.

    GSTR-11: 28th of the month immediately after the month of the statement.

    Easebis is the Best GST Return Filing Service in Delhi. With our professional and affordable expert services, starting at Low.  you can smoothly file a GST return for your firm and keep your brand’s Goods and Service Tax compliance.   

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    Frequently Asked Questions…

    What is GST return filing?

    GST return filing is a process of filing periodic returns that provide details of sales, purchases, and taxes paid by a registered GST taxpayer.


    Who is required to file GST returns?

    Any business registered under GST, including regular taxpayers, composition taxpayers, and input service distributors, is required to file GST returns.

    What are the different types of GST returns?

    The different types of GST returns include GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-5, GSTR-6, GSTR-7, GSTR-8, and GSTR-9.

    What are the due dates for filing GST returns?

    The due dates for filing GST returns vary depending on the type of GST return and the turnover of the taxpayer.

    What are the consequences of not filing GST returns on time?

    The consequences of not filing GST returns on time include penalties and interest charges.

    Can a taxpayer revise a filed GST return?

    Yes, a taxpayer can revise a filed GST return within a specified time period.


    What is the penalty for non-compliance with GST return filing?

    The penalty for non-compliance with GST return filing includes a late fee and interest charges on the tax amount due.

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