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    Why should I Use Easebis before Adding A Director

    With Easebis you can add a new director to your company in 3 simple steps –


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    Adding a Director - An Overview:

    It is possible to add or remove a director from the company at any time. While the articles of incorporation should have provisions allowing it, the Articles of Association and Companies Act provisions dictate how and who can be appointed as a new director. Appointment of additional directors to the company involves following a bunch of procedures and Easebis  is here to help you make the whole process easy for you. In addition, you can receive the director appointment form at ease.

    Under the section 2 (34) of the Companies Act, 2013 -a person who has been appointed to the Board of Directors is called a “Director” who is appointed to carry out the responsibilities and functions that a company’s director do in accordance with the Companies Act of 2013.

    Why to Change Directors of a Company?

    The following are the common reasons why people choose to add or change directors in a company:

    To get new talent on board

    As your company grows and evolves, you will need to bring new talent on board to meet the new requirements and challenges. It is natural to want to add or make changes in the top-level management.

    No dilution of ownership

    Directors are primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company. Adding or appointing an additional director helps the shareholders assign more operational responsibilities without losing any strategic control.

    Inefficiency of existing directors

    It could be that the existing directors cannot meet the requirements of the work or maybe even due to retirement, family problems, physical ailments or other personal reasons. In such cases, you need to add new directors.

    To meet the statutory limit

    Every type of company needs a certain number of directors. In case of sudden death or plans of retirement from existing directors, you will have to add another director to your company.

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    Process of Adding a Director of the Company

    • The process of adding a director is more complicated than one might think it to be.

      Step 1: Check if the articles (AOA) of the company supports adding an additional director. If there are no such provisions in the AoA of the company, then modify the AoA of the company in a way that allows adding an additional company director.

      Step 2: The proposed director must give his or her consent to act as the director via director appointment form

      Step 3: The company must pass a board resolution for appointment of director of the company.

      Step 4: Get DSC (Digital Signature Registration) and DIN (director identification number) for the new director.

      Step 5: Collect the basic documents and information required for the process and get Form DIR-2, Form DIR-12 and Form DIR-8 at ROC done.

      This is a simplified version of the process. Easebis will take care of mostly everything in these steps for you. After this basic process is over, there are a few more formalities that need to be completed after this process and our team will explain those to you.

    Documents Required for Appointment of Director

    • Passport
    • Identification proof (PAN card)
    • Proof of residence (electricity bill, rental agreement, Aadhar Card, voter ID, passport, driving license)
    • Passport size photograph
    • Digital signature certificate of the proposed director
    • PAN card: mandatory for an Indian applicant
    • Passport: mandatory for a foreign applicant.

    Why Easebis?

    Here is why you should choose Easebis for adding a director to your company:

    • Simple and speedy process
    • Experts will guide you through the whole process
    • A board resolution for appointment of director drafted and forms filled & filed for you
    • You get the best support
    • All your queries will be answered.

    Why Choose Easebis

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the requirements for adding a director in a company?

    The specific requirements for adding a director may vary based on the company’s legal jurisdiction and the company’s articles of association. Generally, the individual being added as a director must meet certain eligibility criteria and provide necessary documents, such as identity proof, address proof, and consent to act as a director.

    What is the procedure for adding a director in a company?

    The procedure for adding a director typically involves obtaining the necessary resolutions or approvals, preparing and filing relevant forms and documents with the appropriate government authorities, and updating the company’s records and registers.

    Yes, directors have various legal obligations and responsibilities, including fiduciary duties, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, acting in the best interest of the company, and maintaining accurate financial records.

    Can a director be added to any type of company?

    Yes, a director can be added to various types of companies, such as private limited companies, public limited companies, and limited liability partnerships (LLPs). The specific requirements and procedures may vary based on the company’s structure and legal framework.

    Are there any restrictions on adding a director to a company?

    Certain restrictions may apply when adding a director to a company. These restrictions can include age limits, disqualifications due to bankruptcy or criminal convictions, and the maximum number of directors allowed as per the company’s articles of association.

    Can a director be removed or resigned after being added?

    Yes, directors can be removed or may choose to resign from their positions after being added to a company. The process for removal or resignation typically involves following the legal requirements, such as obtaining the necessary resolutions and updating the company’s records.

    What is the role of a director in a company?

    Directors play a crucial role in the management and governance of a company. They contribute to strategic decision-making, oversee the company’s operations, represent the company’s interests, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

    Do I need professional assistance to add a director in a company?

    While it is possible to navigate the process of adding a director independently, seeking professional assistance, such as from company secretaries or legal experts, is recommended. They can provide guidance, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and handle the necessary documentation and filings.

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