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We have a team of well qualified professionals & our experts have vast knowledge & experience. EaseBis is a technology-driven platform, offering services that cover the legal needs of startups and established businesses. We offer a wide range
of services to individuals, such as business registrations, company formation, GST services and tax filings.

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Team EaseBis came to the rescue in crunch time. They were prompt, courteous and professional. Superlative service at super competitive price. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Krishan Kr. Srivastava Director - Dimagital Media Pvt. Ltd.

I was very lucky to be connected with Rashmita C, one of the consultants with this company. She is a great asset to the company, she is knowledgeable and helped me with my questions in a very professional manner and very little time considering the fact that there is rush in March

Happy Clients
Nisha Bharadwaj EatsomeFit

Highly impressed by the Turn around time of EaseBis. Got my company registered & filed the trademark. It was a seamless experience & amazed - had to not visit them even once. These guys are super reliable!

Happy Clients
Ritik Rithalia Co-founder - Dizone Pvt Ltd

Excellent customer service from EaseBis team. Right from the time, the business engagement starts to the completion of e-filing and tax refund (if applicable), the team at this company constantly assists the customer and is proactive to resolve queries in the shortest possible time.

Happy Clients
Abhishek Sharma Manager - Subodh Services

Frequently Asked Questions?

We provide a range of legal services for businesses in India, including All Services of GST, Business Registration, Income tax Filing and returns, Corporate and Accounting services.

How to get a company Registration?

You can learn about the Private Company registration using our expert services. This entire process usually takes 10-15 days to be completed. You only need to fill out a 10-minute questionnaire.

Is company registration is necessary in india?

Yes, registering a company is necessary in India to conduct business activities legally and with a structured approach. A registered company has a separate legal identity and can enter into contracts, own property, and sue or be sued in its own name. Different types of companies can be registered in India, and the process involves obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN), among other requirements, You can Contact team Easebis to registering your company

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a form of intellectual property, having a recognizable design, word, name, sign, logo, etc. They are seen as the expression through which products or services of a particular source are recognized and differentiated from those of others. They are named as service marks.

Can registering a trademark is necessary?

Registering a trademark is not legally required, but highly recommended to protect the exclusive rights of the owner, prevent infringement, increase brand recognition, and add value to a business, with Easebis you can easily a find and register a Trademark.

How to get Trademark Registration?

Contact us for Registering Trademark
Steps to get a trademark registered are as follows :

• Step 1: Trademark Search
• Step 2: Create a trademark application
• Step 3: Trademark application submission
• Step 4: Trademark registration
• Step 5: Hearing before Registrar

What's GST?
GST stands for “Goods & Services Tax” and as the name itself explains, that the tax is imposed on goods and services.
According to the Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017, any business with a turnover of Rs. 40 lakh and above must register for GST. For north-eastern and hill states, the turnover threshold for GST registration is Rs. 10 lakh.
Is GST Registration is mandatory for doing business?
In India, GST registration is mandatory for businesses that exceed a certain threshold of aggregate turnover, which is currently Rs. 20 lakhs (or Rs. 10 lakhs for businesses in certain special category states). Businesses engaged in inter-state supply or e-commerce are also required to register for GST, regardless of their turnover.
What is the process for GST Registration?

Contact EaseBis today for GST Registration today

• Visit the portal and fill the “Part- A Form GST REG-01” for GST Registration.
• You will get a temporary reference number on your mobile number and there will be verification by OTP.
• After that need to fill “PART-B of Form GST REG-01”.
• A confirmation will be generated in the “Form GST REG-02”.
• In case of any kind of information being pending from your side. You will be required to fill the “Form GST REG-03”. And for this, you may be required to visit the office and provide the documents within 7 working days in the “Form GST REG-04”.
• The office may also decline your application, if they find any mistakes. You will be kept up-to-date about this via “Form GST REG-05”.
• At last, a certificate of registration will be allotted to you by the department after verification and approval in “Form GST REG-06”.

What is meant by GST Return?

A GST return is a document that businesses registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system in India need to file periodically. It summarizes all transactions made by the business, including sales, purchases, input tax credit claimed, output tax liability, and tax payments. The return must be filed online on the GST portal and is submitted on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the business and turnover.

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