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Employee State Insurance(ESI) return is a form that an employer needs to fill out and submit to the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) every quarter.


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    ESI Returns - An Overview

    Employees’ Provident Fund is a social security scheme that helps employees save a small portion of their salary for future benefits.

    Every company has to offer its employees an EPF online or Employees Provident Fund which is akin to a retirement fund. Provident fund registration online comes under the purview of the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. EPF registration process is mandatory for organizations with total employee strength more than 20. Such employers can opt for online PF registration from Easebis. Companies can register for employee provident fund, in 3 easy steps:

    Free consultation and form filling Connect with a dedicated affiliate for data validation

    Receipt of PF online number

    Documents Required for Filing ESI Returns

    The following documents must be maintained regularly for filing ESI returns.

    • Attendance register
    • Form 6
    • Register of wages
    • Register any accidents on the premises
    • A cancelled cheque of the company
    • Inspection book
    • PAN card of the organisation
    • Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI.

    Mandatory Records to Be Maintained by the Organizations Under ESIC Registration

    • Attendance register of employees
    • Wages register
    • Form-6 register
    • Accident register
    • Inspection book
    • File containing all monthly challans & returns submitted.

    Calculation of Employer & Employee Contribution for ESI

    • All commercial establishments like corporate organisations, factories, cinema theatres, offices, and institutions have to register for ESI. Often employers and employees get confused with the percentage that goes into this contribution. ESI amount is deducted from an employee’s gross salary, which is the income earned, excluding taxes and health insurance deductions.

      The components of the salary for calculating ESI are basic pay, dearness allowance, HRA, incentives, special allowances, etc. The rate of the employee’s contribution is 1.75% of the gross pay, and for the employer, it is 4.75%. Totally, 6.5% of the wages are paid as ESI contributions.


      Suppose an employee earns ₹20,000 as his monthly gross pay. The ESI deduction has to be calculated as:

      Employee’s Contribution:
      1.75% of ₹ 20,000 = ₹ 350 per month

      Employer’s Contribution:
      4.75% of ₹ 20,000 = ₹950 per month

      The total contribution towards ESI for an employee with a salary of ₹20,000 per month will be ₹350 (employee contribution) + ₹ 950 (employer contribution) = ₹1,300 per month.

      If the employee’s salary is increased to ₹ 25,000 per month during either one of the contribution periods, then the ESI has to be calculated for ₹ 25,000.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is ESI returns filing?

    ESI returns filing is the process of submitting periodic returns to the ESI authorities, providing details of employees’ wages, contributions made, and other relevant information for the purpose of compliance with the ESI Act.

    When should ESI returns be filed?

    ESI returns need to be filed twice a year. The return for the period April to September must be filed by 11th November, and the return for the period October to March must be filed by 11th May.

    What are the consequences of not filing ESI returns?

    Non-filing or delayed filing of ESI returns can result in penalties and fines imposed by the ESI authorities. It may also lead to non-compliance issues and difficulties for the employees in availing ESI benefits.

    Is it mandatory to file ESI returns even if there are no eligible employees in my organization?

    Yes, it is mandatory to file ESI returns even if there are no eligible employees in your organization. Nil returns should be filed to maintain compliance with the ESI Act.

    What documents are required for ESI returns filing?

    The documents required for ESI returns filing include salary register, attendance records, ESI challans, and any other relevant documents related to the wages and contributions of employees.

    Can I file ESI returns on my own or do I need professional assistance?

    While it is possible to file ESI returns on your own, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure accuracy and compliance with the ESI regulations. Professionals can handle the complex calculations and paperwork involved.

    How can I correct any errors in the ESI returns that I have filed?

    If you have made any errors in the ESI returns that you have filed, you can file a revised return to rectify the mistakes. It is important to rectify errors promptly to avoid any penalties or compliance issues.

    Can you help me with the entire process of ESI returns filing?

    Yes, we provide ESI returns filing services. Our team of experts can assist you in the entire process, including the preparation and submission of accurate returns, ensuring compliance with ESI regulations.

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